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Host your own completely BONKERS tea party
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We have everything you need to host your own Alice in wonderland inspired tea party.
We have really paid attention to detail when collecting our props and curiosities for our Mad hatter themed set ups - Fabulous props set among our beautiful vintage crockery pulling together the most BONKERS table settings.


BridalAlice.Milwards estate_BridalAlice.MilwardsEstate-141641908775566 (1) (1).jpg
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Multiple hire options available.

Contact us to talk about your Wonderland ideas!

BridalAlice.Milwards estate_BridalAlice.MilwardsEstate-121641908775563 (1).jpg
MadHattersTeaParty-3-10-21-full res_MHTP - full-91633445358353.jpg
BridalAlice.Milwards estate_BridalAlice.MilwardsEstate-651641908775614 (1).jpg
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